31 Days: Giving.up.Self


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“But there must be a real giving up of the self. You must throw it away “blindly” so to speak.”

C.S. Lewis

As I was reading through C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, I flipped to the back looking for a reference section.  Instead, I found the last page of the book, which I had never read before.  To close this work, Lewis says the ‘giving up of the self’ must be done; it is not an optional component of Christianity.  This struck me in a new way, and I decided to spend this year using this inspiration as a spring board to see what comes.


I cannot.wait. to dive into Giving.up.Self & see how the Lord uses it to convict me, shape me, mold me, and change me to be more like Jesus.

  1. Forget.about.Self
  2. You.Liberate.Me
  3. Real.New.Self
  4. Creatures.to.Sons
  5. Our.Real.Self
  6. God.the.Hub
  7. Find.your.real.self
  8. Out.of.Ourselves
  9. without.Him
  10. Out.of.the.way
  11. a.broken.thing
  12. The.real.origin
  13. my.natural.state
  14. Other.people’s.souls
  15. a.winged.creature
  16. Redemption.always.improves
  17. Rise.and.follow
  18. The.whole.purpose
  19. Good.infection
  20. a.begotten.thing
  21. carriers.of.Christ
  22. Crucified.with.Christ
  23. lose.your.life
  24. harder.and.easier
  25. have.it.out
  26. at.your.side
  27. a.living.Man
  28. whole.tree.down
  29. Plowed.up&re-sown
  30. keep.nothing.back
  31. Look.for.Christ

Brandon Hatmaker’s ‘A Mile Wide’

Ok, this book was a surprise. I did not abticipate liking this book as much as I truly did, only because I really had no previous experience with Brandon Hatmaker’s work!

‘A Mile Wide’ was an easy title for me to understand on a personal level. My brother actaually called me ‘a mile wide and an inch deep’ as a high school senior, and I was pushed to prove him wrong by diving into study. Little did I know then, that it takes more than intense study to truly have a deep faith!

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about at this point, you should buy this book & read through. Brandon Hatmaker gives a clear breakdown of how to examine our faith & how to pursue depth in areas we may be shallow. He explores the gospel, salvation, transformation, new identity, discipleship, community, the kingdom, and our mission. It is a great way to look at your own faith in a comprehensive way & ask yourself, do I need to grow?

One of my favorite quotes from the book is,

“A shallow religion survives from event to event and program to program. A deeper faith is rooted in trusting relationships where permission is granted to struggle, fail, and take risks.”

I would highly recommend this book as a group discussion of faith, perfect for a small group with questions at the end of each chapter.

Or, read it for yourself! I enjoyed it more than I can say for the personal testimonies Brandon Hatmaker shares- I was I tears over the planting trees story! Overall, a really good book.

You can purchase on Amazon!

I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.


John Piper’s ‘Taste and See’

Y’all, I have enjoyed this devotional book from the first page on.  Let me tell you a couple reasons why…

John Piper is one of the most respected theologians of our time, & honestly? He’s a little hard to read because of the weigh of each topic. BUT THIS daily reading selection? They are the perfect size for me to read deep, be challenged, & walk away thinking about the truths for the rest of the day, or even days after. The 2-3 page length is the PERFECT size bite of John Piper for me. And I am loving it.

He uses so much scripture in each selection, but also can focus on just one. His perspective is so refreshing, so clear cut. He doesn’t waver on hard topics, but rather lets scripture be clearly the center. Also? I am appreciating the unwavering stand he takes on the supremacy of the Lord, which is the subtitle of this book. ‘Savory for the supremacy of God in all of Life’. Many people shy away from truly saying, yes, God is supreme. But John Piper is able to gently show how good it is that God is supreme!!

And I cannot forget to mention: The cover is absolutely gorgeous.


In short, I highly recommend this book. I’m not finished yet, but I want to read it to savor each piece, not rush through. I plan to give this book as a gift; it’s that good.

Feel free to check out this website & buy the book! Book information!

I reviewed an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.