‘Walking on Water’ by Madeleine L’Engle

Y’all. This book has spoken to me on a deep level. I kid you not, I am dumbfounded. I stumbled upon it without ever having heard of it, and I am so grateful. I will try to express some of what the Lord has been washing over my soul as I’ve been reading!

1. Walking on Water

I didn’t think much of the title of this book to begin with, but as I got deeper in, I began to see the intensity of this concept.  The impossible, for us, can be possible with God, if we believe. If we can stop trying to do it ourselves. Do we want to walk on the water? Would I come if He called me to? Or would fear prevent my obedience.

I personally resonate so deeply with her ‘soul talk’, and it has refreshed me all the way through.

2. Feed the Lake

I have been blogging, for my own personal outpouring of my heart&soul, for 8 years now. I have never considered my being a ‘writer’ but rather that writing has been a method of the Lord’s healing work & guidance in my life. I have felt this, the ‘get out of the way’ idea L’Engle discusses- that as I enter into the work, it takes shapes & forms I had never envisioned. I am encouraged that even as a ‘trickle’, I can feed the lake of writing. I can contribute; I am not insignificant, but rather the smallness is still my contribution. I adore this concept, as it has served to spur me on. One step of obedience at a time!

In short, this is now one of my favorite books. I absolutely love it & have given it to my mother. I would have bought it for my sisters, but my mom loved it so much, she beat me to it. It’s an incredible book of encouragement for any creative person, and it emphasized to me how Christ is at the center of all art, no matter how it is classified. This eliminates the necessity to ‘manufacture’ His presence. I feel that way about all of my life; He is woven in, everywhere. If I get out of the way, I can see it.

To close, go buy this book. It’s phenomenal.

I received this book in exchange for my unbiased review for Blogging for Books!

Thank you for reading,



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