The Beauty of Young Life

Welcome dear one!

This year I found October sneak up on me with quiet footsteps as my mind continued busily without acknowledging its presence.  I now have wrestled internally everyday that I haven’t begun this writing challenge; the sadness of the joy I may miss continuing to beckon me to return.  So here I am; unabashed at my late entry, but nevertheless full of breathless excitement.

The Write 31 Days challenges have continually been a blessing to me, and I pray the Lord uses them in some small way to pass on that blessing to others.  Nothing would make my heart sing a louder song of praise than that the journey I’ve been on has been one small part of how the Lord has whispered to another’s soul of his great love.  I know the Lord moves in his own timing and way, but the honor of being a part of his plan is never lost as I recognize it.

This year, I am so grateful to write about the newest journey of my life: being a volunteer leader for Young Life!!  It has ushered into new people, places, adventures, and lessons from the Lord, and I am grateful for  I am looking very much forward to diving in deeper and digging for more.  I love uncovering what lies buried underneath my conscious layer as the words spill upon the page (screen).

So join me? I’d be honored by your presence, and I would be humbled by your comments and feedback. This page will be the landing for the all the subsequent posts in this series.

1. The beauty of friendship

2. The beauty of the simple gospel

3. The beauty of YL camp

4. The beauty of showing up.

Thank you!



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